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PREVIEW | Ewelina

I’m trying to work on as many portfolio shoots as possible so I have a larger body of work to hold on to when I finish my MA. Sadly, I don’t always have time to edit pictures right away and it’ll probably take me quite a long time to get to all of these. So… Continue reading PREVIEW | Ewelina

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First Video | Thank you + Giveaway Winner!

As you must be aware by now, the lip product giveaway I was hosting ended yesterday. But the reason it took me so long to announce it was because I was planning on doing this special thing. You see, when I said I wanted to start making videos, I wasn’t joking! Now bear with me – I edited this in an hour on iMovie because this laptop does not have Premiere on it and I wanted to put this up quickly.

Watch this video to find out who won! And if it wasn’t you, don’t feel disheartened – I will be running a giveaway a month for the entirety of this year, so just keep checking back.

Also, please contribute to the Facebook page, we’re almost at 600 likes!

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Digital Diares – Paris Moments & Details

Travelling isn’t just about getting on airplanes, buying souvenirs and taking pictures (ironically). Travelling is about breathing new air, experiencing great moments, and bringing back with you not keychains but memories. These pictures are artefacts of history, bookmarks of a thrilling page in your life, not postcards to show others the local monuments and landscapes. They’re… Continue reading Digital Diares – Paris Moments & Details

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Digital Diaries | Paris Cityscapes & Architecture

For my second post in the Digital Diaries series, I have quite a few pictures of Paris, so I decided to split them into Cityscapes and close-up shots. I have posted a lot of 35mm film photographs of my September vacation in Paris with Gabriele on my Travels category which are far, far prettier but, as… Continue reading Digital Diaries | Paris Cityscapes & Architecture

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Digital Diaries | Brighton in August

I thought I’d start a new series for all the instant, not-very-well-thought-out snapshots that I take with my tiny little (and not very powerful) pocket camera. I have a little Lumix that I carry with me literally everywhere – even when I’m out shopping – because I am a firm believer in capturing moments. I… Continue reading Digital Diaries | Brighton in August

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Haircare | The Right Cut + Favourite No Heat Styling Products

  I’m very picky with my hair. My boyfriend knows it and my mom can’t hear me cry about how three strands fell off in the shower anymore. I’m downright paranoid about having nice hair, mainly because I don’t want to have to bother with it. Sounds paradoxical, right? Well, not really. Now here is a set… Continue reading Haircare | The Right Cut + Favourite No Heat Styling Products

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Sleek Makeup – Lipstick Collection & Lip Swatches

The other day while I was cleaning out my drugstore lipstick collection I noticed I had dozens of lipsticks in the same colours: mauve/dusty pink, wine red/bordeaux, creamy peach and blue-based red. I started rummaging through my entire collection – drugstore, high-end, proper luxury and even liquid lipsticks and, to my horror, I had more than… Continue reading Sleek Makeup – Lipstick Collection & Lip Swatches

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LONDON – Christmas Lights

Back in early December, before going home for the holidays, I managed to hop to London for a day trip. Since Caterina had to go there for a project of hers, she asked me if I wanted to tag along so we could raid the Charlotte Tilbury counter at Selfridge’s together and I promptly said ‘hell yes!’.
While she did her thing, however, I had some time to walk around and snap a couple of pictures of the Christmas lights before it got too dark for my 160ISO film.

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BRIGHTON – A Walk in December

In December, I picked up my trusty Canon AE-1 and decided to go for a walk along the sea with my friend Caterina (of Do I miss home? Yes. Do I miss Rome? Yes. Do I miss my boyfriend? Absolutely. But it’s nice here. Actually, it’s pretty damn gorgeous, and I’m going to enjoy my time here as much as I can.

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Casa de Pasto

Decor Feature & Interview with Chef Diogo Noronha   When I was preparing my graduation thesis, I decided to pick a restaurant to photograph for my decor feature; luckily I knew someone – the young, energetic and very talented chef Diogo Noronha. After a long stint at Pedro e o Lobo, an elegant-yet-casual restaurant serving modern… Continue reading Casa de Pasto