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REVIEW | Long Hair, Don’t Care ft. IrresistibleMe

Some time ago I was contacted by IrresistibleMe to write up a review of their extensions. Scratch that, a long time ago, but in the mean time I had massive break-outs and a painful break-up along with a very busy Summer season, so I thought it was time to get back on the saddle. If you… Continue reading REVIEW | Long Hair, Don’t Care ft. IrresistibleMe


JOURNAL | Six Goals for 2016

Over half of this year has already gone by in a very painful flash. So many people I admired, for either their talent, their genius or their kindness, have passed this year leaving me with a growing list of Dead Idols™. A lot of things have happened since January – new friends have come and… Continue reading JOURNAL | Six Goals for 2016

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PHOTOSHOOT | Goddess of the Sea

I have to admit I feel extremely embarrassed yet unusually excited to post this. Anyone who knows me knows that I am always, without fail, the one behind the camera. I’ve never had my picture taken properly – that means, not including cellphones or pictures with people I love or taken on holiday. I’ve never been… Continue reading PHOTOSHOOT | Goddess of the Sea

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Glastonbury Abbey

  The Abbey gets a separate post from the rest of Glastonbury simply because it was my favourite part of the entire trip, followed swiftly by the rocky steep climb in Tintagel. I’m not going to give you all the facts – there’s Wikipedia and Google and my mum for that. The fact is simply… Continue reading Glastonbury Abbey

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The Great English Roadtrip – Stonehenge

Now this was the one thing I had been absolutely adamant about seeing on this trip, so I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves. I did have a tremendous allergy attack while on the field, so I’m guessing I don’t handle the local Salisbury flora very well! It’s actually quite small when you get there,… Continue reading The Great English Roadtrip – Stonehenge

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The Great English Roadtrip – Wilton

This is it! We survived! So back in the beginning of June, I went on a road trip through England with my parents, from the 12nd to the 19th. We drove through Salisbury, Glastonbury, the Cotswolds, Dartmoor and Cornwall. It was absolutely amazing and I adored the trip, I had so much fun even though… Continue reading The Great English Roadtrip – Wilton

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TUTORIAL | Neon Spring Sunset

So when Cate asked me to take some pictures of her wearing a pair of very 1980s-themed leggings, I couldn’t help but ask her for something in return. I’ve never done a more “out there” makeup look on myself or any of my friends, or anywhere outside of makeup school, to be honest. And I… Continue reading TUTORIAL | Neon Spring Sunset

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PHOTOSHOOT | Neon Sunset

It’s that time of the year again when Caterina from asks me to take pictures of her for her blog, and I decide to do her makeup to match her clothing. I’m quite shocked at how well this look turned out considering it was completely unplanned – I just knew I wanted to use… Continue reading PHOTOSHOOT | Neon Sunset


One Day of English Summer

If there’s one thing I’ve learned during my time in the UK is that if the sun peeks out of the clouds for one day, everyone will run out in shorts and flip-flops and sit at the beach having beer or sunbathe in parks. I decided to do something different take my 5D Mark III out for… Continue reading One Day of English Summer


ANALOG | Carnevale

Guess who got a new film camera. Yes, this crazy girl. I am so absolutely in love with the Minolta X300. I’ve always heard wonders of Minolta lenses, but not owning one of their cameras I couldn’t really try. Luckily the owner of my local Kodak retailer has taken a liking to me and set this particular… Continue reading ANALOG | Carnevale