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When I say I’ve been looking everywhere for Tom Ford lipstick for ages, I’m not joking. They first started showing up in magazines in December or January and every single Beauty Round-Up page I find with them on it I make a little cross. I’ve been looking for them both in Lisbon and Rome and they’re nowhere to be found where you’d usually look (i.e. Sephora and Beauty Point). Today I went into a small perfume shop near Via del Corso and they had them! As you’d expect I immediately fell in love with several (yet bought only one).

Colour is 05 – Coco Ravish! 

I also got the new Lancome Rouge in Love which goes on like a dream and actually DOES stay on all day. I’ve tried almost all brands of lipstick (Dior, Chanel, YSL, Guerlain, BareMinerals, MAC, the list goes on) and this is the longest any lipstick has stayed on my lips. I ate a sandwich and had a cappuccino and it was still there! Absolutely amazing. Also very hydrating and this colour fits my skintone to a T.

Colour is 230M – Rose Rendez-Vous!

If you’d like to know what these look like on (extremely yellow and pasty) pale skin, here is a reference for you:

The top one is Tom Ford, the bottom one is Lancome. 

I also got myself some new Yves Saint Laurent nail polish because the colour is absolutely gorgeous and YSL nail polish goes on like a dream and stays put like a dream instead of chipping off after two days (I’m looking at you, Chanel).

Obviously since it’s gold you can’t really tell what it looks like on a picture; you have to really hold it up and twist it around to see the little flecks and reflections that it gives off. It’s beautiful. My friend Ana actually ended up getting one for her as well and she’s never bought metallic nail polish in her life (yay Ana congratulations on your initiation!) so that’s got to tell you something! I myself am a sucker for anything gold especially nail polish and rings and this one doesn’t look glittery at all; we tried it on scotch tape and it looks very seamless and fluid, like silvery, slightly unsaturated molten gold.


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