Friend Feature: Tanya Peganova

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Fashion / Photography / Things I make

Once in a while you meet a special person that brings your creative juices out and is willing to submit to your every creative whim and desire, with knowledge that there will be no monetary (or any other sort of) reward at the end.

In August 2011 my very good friend Tanya, whom I’d only known online for a few months, got on a plane from Russia to spend a week at my house without ever having met me before. Her self-esteem-destroying good looks prompted me to request a photoshoot… and then another. No, I’d never “photographed” a friend before, but hey, I couldn’t miss this opportunity!

So for both shoots I did her make-up and the photos and she was patient enough to follow my commands and, basically, look amazing.

If you would like to know more about Tanya, you can find her on Twitter and Tumblr!

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