Lisa Wassmann

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Art / Inspiration / Photography

From Lisa Wassmann’s official website:

Born and raised in 1982 in West Berlin, Lisa Wassman currently lives and works in Berlin, Athens and all over the globe.
She was raised in the midst of divided Berlin, as the daughter of a magician and a sound engineer, spending most of her childhood backstage in the Theatre of the West where her parents used to work.

She began drawing and painting at a very young age, keeping her artistic senses sharp until she got her first camera. More and more the interaction, communication and the staging of photographs and videos became her passion and source of inspiration.

I have to admit I’m a bit of a photography nerd and I was unusually excited when I found Lisa Wassmann’s work when roaming about the Internet. While I’m a big fan of big, expensive editorial pictures, I’m an even bigger fan of images that look like they were just stumbled upon, until you stare at them long enough to realize there’s something that doesn’t quite fit, something that wouldn’t really be found in real life.

I’ve selected a few of my favourite pictures from Lisa’s general body of work, taking samples from different series of photographs. I absolutely love her work and she’s currently on my mental “top 10 artists found online”. Particularly, her use of small, almost unnoticeable out-of-place elements mixed with very natural backgrounds and almost bare human expressions is what drew me in; the whole mix of it, so to speak, and the environment she creates.

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