The Black Season Takes a Turn

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We all know it. We all see it. We’ve all witnessed it happen year after year since we were old enough to pick up our first copy of Vogue. Fall/Winter is the season of black.

There’s black everywhere. No matter how hard designers try to incorporate neon hues or new, extravagant elements to distract you, it’s always all about the black. There’s no point in even saying “black is back” when talking about this or last or next year’s Fall trends – it’s not new. It never will be. Because F/W fashion is black and if we can’t wear black in Winter, when will we? As much as it pains me to admit, half my wardrobe is black (and yours too, probably) and it’s absolutely impossible to wear it in the Summer – the hot months call for every single hint of a bright colour you might own, floral prints and flowy white sundresses. The dawn of the Autumn months brings a smile to my face because it reminds me it’s time to whip out that luxurious overcoat, the riding boots and the eponymous leather gloves – all, of course, in black. Though jeans are also acceptable.

So while waiting patiently for the trend reports and runway photos of this year’s black season, I was surprised to see that, for the first time, not one but most designers are making a bold effort to step outside the box. Apparently this year’s F/W is very much not black. So here are the colours to look out for:

  • Overall white – As seen in Alexander McQueen, Christian Siriano (you go, Project Runway boy!), Céline, etc. White everything, from head-to-toe, complete snow fairy look. Absolutely wonderful.
  • Burgundy/wine-red/bordeaux/whatever fancy name you wish to call one of my favourite (and one of the most flattering, FYI) colours. Featured most prominently in leather pieces (skirts, coats) and accessories, including glorious varnish loafers.
  • Bright red and electric blue are balancing each other out pretty well this season. Funnily enough, Balenciaga features both.
  • Grey and pastel-pink at Christian Dior.

As for silhouettes, I’m getting a lot of long everything. Long coats, long skirts, long pants. Everything grazing the floor. Sounds ridiculous but looks amazing, especially in black (there I go again) – gives off that evil witch queen look with enough elegance to pull it off. And then there’s the heavy, draped camel coats that always strike my fancy. Also, waist defining; belt everything up accordingly. There is also a huge tendency towards suits and menswear in this year’s fall womenswear, but that’s been gradually happening over the years – boyfriend blazers are everywhere, but they’re super wearable, casually elegant, comfortable, and disguise the extra pounds gained over Summer vacation (admit it). One of the big things this year is something I’ve always wanted to wear but, due to not being ‘in fashion’, could never find one that would suit me as there weren’t enough out there in the market – printed trousers. Take a hint from Prada and get yourself a pair (H&M and Zara have some pretty cheap alternatives and yes, they do look very good on you if you have huge hips and a small waist).

Here are a few of my personal runway favourites:

For cheap, on-trend alternatives: not too keen on Zara lately. I’d reccommend Topshop and H&M for the best runway follow-ups. I recently stocked up on a lot of things from  Topshop, including boyfriend blazers, and bought a lovely burgundy pencil skirt from H&M that’s practical and flattering.

Also, Anna dello Russo’s exuberant and baroque accessories reach H&M stores on October 4th! Seriously, they’re worth it.

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