Fall Trends: The Cheap Route

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Fashion / Shopping

Following up on my previous post where I told you what I thought was going to be worn most this season, I thought I’d elaborate on that small paragrah mentioning cheaper options from Topshop and H&M. Why not Zara, you ask? Well, I haven’t been to Zara in ages (too big, no time) and I really needed jeans so Topshop it is. Also, Zara is making some kind of uncharacteristic effort lately to step outside the little high-street box and put absurd prices on things that really aren’t worth spending that much money on.

I browsed the websites for the pictures of some of the stuff I’ve bought lately. Prices are all between 15€-60€, including the shoes, so there’s nothing to be really frightened of.

Since I now have a Canon 5D Mark III, I will try to take some photos of the pieces themselves, including those I couldn’t find on the website (I’m looking at you, H&M) when I have more time. Meanwhile, here are some cheaper options… in tiny images.

What I’m missing? A pair of burgundy velvet heels and a white top with double-breasted golden buttons from H&M and some stuff that I am bound to order some time this month. Remember, when shopping cheap, go for basics and things that aren’t too overly decorated; you have to keep in mind that a top that costs 20€ probably cost less to make than one that costs 200€. This doesn’t mean lower-quality fabrics per se but may mean lower quality workmanship. It’s always best to buy basics when going for the cheaper brands (especially H&M).

Remember to invest in bold prints and burgundy! Some amazing pieces are coming out this year and you probably won’t be able to find them afterwards as fashion changes quickly. If you see something you really like and can afford that isn’t black or white or neutral, do yourself a favour and get it.

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