New Year Resolutions

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We all make them. We all break them. And, knowing at least half of my readers to be women or men trying to get fit, there’s always the little ‘I will get down to my ideal weight’ line inserted somewhere down the list.

I usually don’t write down a list because I’m not inclined to even pursuing New Year Resolutions. Sure, I think of a few things that I think are important but end up being impossible to accomplish in the course of a single year – when you consider your budget, school/work schedule, family and social responsibilities, etc. This year, however, I decided to actually make a list, but one that I wouldn’t give up on and knew I could accomplish. The thing about “resolutions” is that you have to separate them from “dreams” – a dream should be an ultimate goal, while your resolutions should be stepping stones.

So, unfortunately, going to space isn’t on my list.


  1. Get down to my ideal weight. (oh shut up)
  2. Stop spending so much. Think before I buy. (oh shut up x2)
  3. Read more.
  4. Start making progress towards a future professional life.
  5. Have more self-confidence. Try not to doubt myself so much or blame myself for everything.
  6. Start making videos (been wanting to do this for a while, thought that if I put it on my resolutions it might… encourage me… somehow).
  7. Watch at least one film a week – new films, classic films, anything (exam season excluded).
  8. Be kind to people. Speak out, even to a stranger. (even if you think you are kind enough, you can always do better; I’m not advising you to go out there and turn into Mother Theresa, but a kind word can do a lot for someone, you never know)
  9. Travel more. (does this even count as a resolution considering my nomadic habits?)
  10. Try not to get so self-absorbed when in a down mood. Talk to friends, family, instead of retreating into my black hole. (I do this a lot; only this year, when I started becoming more open when I was in a negative state of mind, did I realize that talking to people helped me a lot more than keeping it to myself)
  11. Do a massive giveaway. This might be separated into several giveaways but I have way too many clothes and cosmetics in perfect condition that I don’t use and that people would probably love to own, which is ridiculously unfair.
  12. Drink wine. (doesn’t sound like a good resolution, does it? I just recently started drinking wine and, surprisingly, it’s not as terrible as I thought. I want to find out about what types of wine I like best so I may order for myself at a restaurant…someday)
  13. BONUS because 13 is my lucky number (shut up x3) – Post more often. Until you are all sick of me.

It sounds very basic, realistic and practical, but the truth is no matter how hard you try some things just aren’t in your hands. Some people put in their resolutions things like ‘find true love’ – honestly, you can’t control that, can you? That is why people don’t stick to their resolutions. I always tell everyone I know to aim for the stars, but that is a long-term thing. Just like 2012, and 2011 before that, 2013 has 365 days (don’t talk to me about leap years, this is a blog post not Wikipedia, okay) – and there’s only so much you can accomplish in 365 days.

These are my resolutions (and the first one wouldn’t even be there if I weren’t already relatively close to my final goal). These are all things that I know I can accomplish with the time that I have, if I actually stop procrastinating and do them – they’re not borderline-unattainable goals.

So if you want my advice (which I doubt you do, but I’m putting it out here anyway), go look at your list if you have one and scratch out the things that aren’t very likely to happen – i.e. become a pirate. Otherwise, instead of being proud of yourself for accomplishing a small goal, you will be disappointed and hitting yourself over the head repeatedly for failing at something you could probably not accomplish anyway. Replace the big things with small things – instead of ‘reach my goal weight’, change it to ‘lose 5-10kgs’. Give yourself some leeway, without defeating the purpose.

So, now I’d like to know – what are some of your New Year’s Resolutions for 2013? The real ones – turning into a shark won’t be acceptable (sigh).

The Author

24-year-old Portuguese girl. Bilingual English, fluent in Italian. BA in Fashion Communication. MUA with a proper diploma! MA Creative Media student. Globetrotter and shopaholic, can't seem to be able throw away menswear magazines. Has a serious mental problem when it comes to buying photography books and is working towards being a part of the fashion industry.


  1. Three years ago I decided to give up on New Years resolutions done the years before coz after a couple weeks, days even, you don’t think of them anymore anyway. So I decided to put a motto to each year coming. Since I started doing it I actually put some effort in to reach that goal for the year. My motto for 2011 was to see as much bands live as possible. And I did it! Beside seeing my fav band about 13 times, I also saw a lot of other bands and went to a couple of festivals. Yes, it was fun. But who said that resolutions can’t be fun to achieve? No one. Right! My motto for 2012 was travelling and that’s what I did. I just worked if I had to or someone was literally throwing the work in front of me. It was cool but I also started to miss my work actually. And for 2013? Well, as I need money to live of and as I said miss my work … 2013 will be all about work. And if everything is going really good I will even fulfill one of my dreams and start my own company with some of my friends.

    So, roll on 2013 I’m ready to embrace you! :o)


      • Love you too. ;) And if it comes to wine … you always get me with a good Malbec. And also some of the Bordeaux finest I like to drink. As you can see … I’m more into reds then whites.


  2. procrastination on keys issues one of my greatest areas for development – you have made me smile – Oh a good kick ass Shiraz softened with some Cabernet Sauvignon is wonderfully complex and jammy (ha ha – sounds like I know what I am talking about – actually I dont – I just know what I like – Happy New Year Ines


    • I’m a sucker for dessert wines – I used to only know about Sauternes but recently I’ve tried Tokaji and I’ve decided it’s the 8th World Wonder. Happy New Year Scott and thank you so much for the comment! x


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