Galliano Is Not Dead

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The rock star designer is taking another small step towards the end of his social marginalisation. First, it was Kate Moss’s wedding dress; now, the illustrious Parsons The New School for Design (most famous for being the workshop of Project Runway contestants) has announced that Galliano will be teaching a master class to aspiring designers.

Romantically entitled “Show Me Emotion”, the course will be a “dynamic and intimate opportunity” for Parsons students to learn from a talented designer such as Galliano (regardless of past anti-Semitic gaffes). The school added that students would have the opportunity to “engage in a frank conversation with Mr. Galliano about the challenges and complications of leading a design house in the 21st century.”

Hopefully he’ll be giving out advice on how to avoid being completely swallowed by the current crisis while keeping your creative vision intact. Galliano was doing quite well in Dior before the big fiasco.

Parsons has stated that they believe Galliano to have a serious intention to redeem himself; the British designer spent several weeks preparing for Oscar de la Renta’s NYFW show this last February. After being fined by a French court in 2011 due to behaviour he blamed on an addiction to drugs and alcohol, Galliano was fired by Dior and fell into silence until Moss’s unassuming wedding dress appeared in tabloid magazines. The designer said, at the time, that having Moss personally ask him to design her wedding dress had moved him to tears.

Whether John Galliano is a bad person or not, the question is up in the air and subject to opinion; the fact that he is a creative genius, however, is not. If more big names like Parsons, Moss and Oscar de la Renta start building small steps for the designer, he will climb them, and probably find himself at the top again. After all, he’s only 52 – if Uncle Karl is anything to judge by, Galliano has all the time in the world to make a comeback.

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