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I’m very picky with my hair. My boyfriend knows it and my mom can’t hear me cry about how three strands fell off in the shower anymore. I’m downright paranoid about having nice hair, mainly because I don’t want to have to bother with it. Sounds paradoxical, right? Well, not really.

Now here is a set of pictures of my hair – bad cut vs good cut. Sorry for a lack of good digital photographs but I’m not at home this week and I really wanted to write this post before I forgot! Don’t judge, I’m disorganised.


Whether you have natural texture to your hair or not, you probably spent years hate the way it looked and heat styling it to exhaustion. It’s either too straight, too curly, too frizzy, too something. I only accepted my hair texture and colour in my early 20s and that’s thanks to one key element: getting the right haircut. Now, I’m no stylist here, but I’ve learned from years of chop-regrow-chop-regrow that if you really want to not have to fuss with your hair (I’m too lazy to curl my hair or straighten it) or if you want to learn how to love your hair the way it is, you need to go to a good hairstylist and tell them you want a no-fuss haircut.

No pictures, no “I want to look like ___”, no trendy haircuts for me. I wanted a haircut that I could have for a lifetime – that I could grow out, adapt it to a shorter version, then re-do it. A haircut that I could always safely go back to if I got sick of trying any trend.

My no-fuss haircut consists of the bottom layer of my hair cut very straight and blunt, with the top half of my hair in two or three tousled lairs. The shortest layer should be by the tops of my ears and frame my face at the front. If my “side bangs” have reached my chin, I know it’s time to hit the salon.

I don’t style my hair. I just blow dry it, and sometimes I just let it air dry by itself. But that can lead to heat damage from the blowdryer, frizzy hair, unwanted kinks and lots of tangles. These are my top holy grail must-repurchase-if-I’m-running-out hair products; I also don’t wash it every day, so I have a couple of products on hand to make it look nice.

Bear in mind, I’ve quite literally gone through at least four of each of these, especially the first one I’m going to talk about. Bumble & Bumble does travel-sized versions so I have one in my travel bag, one in my boyfriend’s flat, one in my parents’ house and the big bottle at home.

Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil Primer, a pre-styling heat-protecting and detangling treatment that conditions hair without weighing it down, makes brushing it so incredibly easy. I don’t style my hair, I just blow-dry it with its natural texture, and it leaves it smooth, still wavy and voluminous but not heavy or greasy. It’s quickly absorbed into the hair and you can’t feel product when your hair is dry afterwards. I can’t say anything for shortening drying time, but it’s the best hair primer I’ve ever used. Just mist it all over towel-dried hair, comb through and blow-dry. Hair primers are crucial to me, I refuse to blow dry my hair without a heat-protectant! I even got my boyfriend to use this on his short, fluffy honey-blonde hair because he doesn’t like using conditioner (*EYE ROLL*) and he said his hair felt brittle when he dried it. I swear my little bottle at his place is a little bit emptier now.

Hairdresser’s Invisible OilI use this interchangeably with the medium-texture Ojon hair oil. Since my hair tends to start getting heavy and looking greasier by the second day, I don’t run this through the entire lengths like you would if you had drier hair. Instead, I religiously massage this into my ends every day, especially if I’m using dry shampoo. I’ve been using this for a couple of years and it’s helping my hair grow longer faster, since nourishing my ends keeps them from splitting and, therefore, halting the growth. It’s also (tip!) very useful for making your hair seem more healthy and shiny if you’re going an extra day on dry shampoo and it’s looking a little too matte. I often use this in conjunction with the Thickening Dryspun Finish spray, spraying that from underneath my hair to lift it then warming a dollop of oil in my palms and running it through the lengths of my hair. Volume and shine!

Bumble & bumble Thickening Dryspun FinishTHIS. THING. It’s basically the Oribe texturising spray, but a lot cheaper and with less grit. It leaves enough hold in your hair to give it volume and a sort of effortless ‘airy’ left without that nasty sticky hairspray sensation. If you curl your hair or have natural waves (like me) this is perfect for second-day hair, when it’s feeling limp but not greasy enough to go in with a dry shampoo. I swear by this stuff on ‘sad hair’ days. We all know what sad hair is.

Bb. Don’t Blow It Hair Styler. When I’m lazy and having a day in and just want to wash my hair and let it air dry by itself, this is a miracle worker. It helps your hair dry naturally without frizz and, if you split it in sections and twist each section tightly after you apply the styling cream it will air dry in that beloved beach wave texture. This is the ultimate lazy girl stay-at-home product, or better for that beach vacation when you just showered off the salt water, you don’t care about anyone seeing you with wet hair and you don’t have time to dry it before going out for dinner!

Ojon Rare Blend Oil – Moisture Therapy, Medium Texture. I alternate between this and the aforementioned Invisible Oil from Bumble & Bumble. I usually shake this up and run it through my mid-lengths and massage it into my ends. It’s more nourishing than the Bumble & Bumble oil and not as evidently shiny. I swear by Ojon products if you have hair that is sensitive to chemicals. They’re an investment, but a good one. There are three Rare Blend Oils – Thick, Medium and Lightweight – for different hair types and textures. The Medium texture is good for normal hair with dry ends, which is my main concern as I want it to grow quickly! It’s also a pretty dinky bottle and you only need three drops of this for your entire length of hair if it’s medium-long, so it lasts you a lifetime.

I have some exclusive offers for you guys that you won’t be able to find anywhere else, so if you want to try any of the products above this is your chance! If you have any more questions on how I use these products and what my hair is like, leave me a comment below.

Click through to find the full range of Ojon products at the Origins website and read more about the products.

As for Bumble & Bumble, if you shop through this link you get 5 FREE treats with £30+ orders, including the hair primer that I mentioned above. Just use the code BBPAYDAY!

You can also find Bumble & Bumble and Ojon products at Boots (UK). Sephora in most European countries carries Bumble & Bumble, as well as in the US, so it’s a pretty widespread brand by now.

Ojon also makes my holy grail shampoo and conditioner – the Ojon Damage Reverse Thickening Shampoo & Conditioner. I’m obsessed with my hair falling out and using shampoos with the least amount of chemicals possible and these two are the perfect combination to cleanse your scalp thoroughly while strengthening your hair, making it look and feel thicker, bouncier and healthier. I’ve also noticed an immense decrease in hair loss since I switched to these, but I’m thinking of saving a full review for another post, along with my list of favourite hair masks – I have quite a few! Leave me a comment down below if you’d like to see this!

Good luck on your hair journey! And remember, finding your ‘safe place’ in hair doesn’t mean that you should be afraid to experiment; it’s even easier to experiment with cut and colour when I know what looks good on you and that you can go back to post-hair-mistake. Have fun with your hair but be kind to it; if you heat style it, use a protectant, and always nourish it from the outside and the inside, by eating well, drinking lots of water and, if needed, taking vitamins.


These are affiliate links, so if you don’t want to use them, don’t! You can still purchase the products at their website or any other retailers without clicking my links, it doesn’t change the fact that I love them!

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