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There is an entire underground world hiding beneath the simplistic, strong and open architecture of Newhaven Fort. The entire labyrinth of tunnels and the rooms they lead in and out of is so incredibly fascinating! I would recommend anyone who can afford a day trip to Newhaven to go on the amazing adventure that is exploring all of these mysterious pathways.

Since these pictures quite clearly tell a story, I will let them do it by themselves. I don’t think they need words to accompany them. If you have known me for any period of time, you’d know I am an enormous fan of anything scary-looking, dark, abandoned, eerie, etc. So going on this day trip to Newhaven Fort (thank you, Wave Leisure, for the invitation) and being given the opportunity to explore the hidden depths of the hill this stunning military structure was built on (and in!) was a dream come true.



Beyond this locked door is the beach, which one can barely see from behind the bars on the small windows. A small scent of fresh, salty freedom after walking up and down damp and dark stairwells and corridors for hours.


There are many ghost stories about this particular hallway. Since it is the one that leads down from the top of the hill to the shore, within the hill itself, the air current coming from the outside creates a ‘force’ that ‘push people away’ as if telling them not to go any further. It also ‘forces them out’ once they are on their way back up. This force of nature, combined with the eerie surroundings, is what fuels stories of choir boys and soldiers still roaming the halls.


A very long way up…


…And a very long way down.


A fluffy white foam coats the walls of this particularly cold and narrow hallway. If you touch it, you can barely feel it – somewhat like bath foam, but even lighter and airier. We were told later on that this foam is not mould or anything dangerous, but simply pure calcium!



Camera: Canon AE-1

Film: Kodak 200

Visit the Newhaven Fort and Wave Leisure websites for more information on this amazing site and current Wave Leisure programmes.

Newhaven Fort is hosting an event called “The Hidden Fort – Museums at Night” that allows you to explore these tunnels and other rooms that are usually closed to the public. It’s on May 13 and tickets cost £9. If you can come down I would highly encourage anyone, especially budding photographers, to attend!


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