VLOG | A Week in Lisbon + LIFE UPDATE

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Hello everyone! Long time no see. I went home for Easter break, as I probably mentioned before, and then I spent about a week in Rome with very limited internet access. While I was there I managed to upload a video (wahey!). You get to see my fabulous family, my dogs and my best friend in this one.

I always toyed with the idea of vlogging one of my “triangle trips” – London/Lisbon/Rome/London – and this is what I was going for, but sadly I lost my charger cable for my camera on the trip to Rome. I think I may have forgotten it in Lisbon, which is quite typical of me, but unfortunately that is why I couldn’t record anything in Italy. Also, my beloved puppy Max passed away literally two days after I arrived in Lisbon so I really wasn’t in the mindset to go about recording probably one of the hardest weeks of my life. There is a lot of footage that I deleted because I just wasn’t ready to see him on a screen yet.

I will most likely be doing this again (I ordered a new charger) and probably vlogging other things here in the UK as well as whenever I go back home or to Italy. It’s a bit harder when travelling because I have to take out the sound since we’re all either speaking in Portuguese or Italian, but I’ll try to find a away around that without having to ask everyone to speak English. If anyone has suggestions on software for creating subtitles, please let me know!

Hopefully I will get TWO rolls of film back this week, which I am very excited about, and as soon as my microphone starts working again I will upload the look I did on Cate for this photoshoot. I’m still trying to learn the ropes, but it’s fun and inspiring.

It’s always so incredibly stimulating to get out there and try to do new things and acquire new skills, even if you turn out not to be very good at it you still know a thing or two more than you used to so it’s never a waste of time.

I have Snapchat now (queenantigona, like all my other social networks) so feel free to add me as a friend. Please do leave a comment below on any video or post suggestions you would like to see. I hope to have some time to film this week, as some kind people on Facebook have suggested one-brand makeup collections and I would love to try and film myself slapping cosmetics on my face sometime again.

As always,  I remain at your service and forever thankful for all of your support. x

SKINCARE | (Video) Favourites & Routine

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Beauty / Shopping

A lot of people ask me for skincare advice so here it is! I made a point of not putting anything on my face so you can see exactly what it’s like, especially under bright lights. I personally think it’s important to show what your skin actually looks like when you’re giving people advice on products.

Remember this is by no means a works-for-all list of products. My skin jumped around a lot – first it was combination, then very oily, then combination with very dry and very oily patches and now it’s normalised since I’ve found the wonder of using oils.

I honestly believe using oils on your skin is the only thing that I would advise for every skin type, from very dry to oily to prone to breakouts, since the right oil will bring the right amount of moisture, antioxidants and rebalancing vitamins to your skin. If you’d like to know more about the oils I’ve tried and what I would advise for each skin type, just comment on the video or here and I’ll reply!

If you have particular skin concerns, such as hyper-pigmentation or acne scarring that you would like to lighten, an appropriate serum would be a good path to take as Vitamin C is an overall brightener but won’t get rid of sunspots and the like.

This is a long one so feel free to do your laundry and leave me talking in the background!


Superdrug Vitamin E Dual Phase Makeup Remover
Clarins Water Comfort One-Step Cleanser for Normal/Dry Skin – there is also a green-tinted one for oily/combination skin which I highly reccomend.
GlamGlow Supercleanse Daily Clearing Cleanser
Origins Checks ‘n Balances Frothy Face Wash – great for every skin type, very gentle so good for sensitive skin; if you have oilier or combination skin using this with a Clarisonic, a Foreo Luna or any kind of deep cleaning device is ideal and really helps it foam up!
Origins Never A Dull Moment Cleanser – really good if your skin feels congested often and with clogged pores, the fruit enzymes really help get rid of dead skin cells without having to use a physical exfoliator or a peel.
MAC Mineralise Volcanic Ash Exfoliator
Sunday Riley Good Genes Treatment

– Less expensive, more travel-friendly and and equally effective alternative: REN Wake Wonderful Night Time Facial


Boots Botanics Rosewater Toning Spritz
Lush Tea Tree Water
Boots Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Cleansing & Toning Lotion
Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe and Rosewater
Shiseido Ibuki Softening Concentrate


Kiehls Daily Reviving Concentrate (I got it off SpaceNK but it’s gone from the website so my guess is it’s sold out as usual! Try your local Kiehl’s counter, department store or SpaceNK).
Kiehls Midnight Recovery Oil
Clarins Lotus Face Treatment Oil
Origins High-Potency Night-A-Mins Refining Oil

Loving right now and didn’t own at the time of the video:

ZELENS Z-22 Absolute Face Oil for daytime, instead of the Kiehls Daily Reviving Concentrate. It soaks in a lot faster than the Kiehls one so it’s brilliant if your skin doesn’t take a lot of product. It’s very thin and hydrating.


Créme de La Mer Gel Cream – Honestly this is my holy grail moisturiser of all time and it’s 100% worth the splurge if you can afford it. The big tub lasts me three months. I’ve been trying out new things and ended up going back to the Estee Lauder one linked below, which has added SPF (big bonus) but this one is credited with helping my skin get to where it is right now -balanced and breakout-free. I have an unopened box in my house for a day when my skin cries out for it and I don’t think I’ll ever stop using it. I may upgrade to the Soft Cream and the classic thick Moisturising Cream when I get older but this is definitely my miracle product. You need a tiny amount, it is incredibly light and moisturising and makes all your skin troubles go away – from acne to pigmentation.

Kiehls Midnight Recovery Eye – Great if you don’t get much sleep, have sensitive eyes, are getting your first wrinkles or have a lot of them already. It’s a great overnight miracle-worker, but don’t apply too much because it is very moisturising; if you use too much of it it might cause milia (those tiny white bumps) to appear under your eye! A tiny bit goes a long way.

Origins GinZing Refreshing Eye Cream – this is my holy grail eye cream and my cheat for lazy no-makeup days; the pearly light orange finish on the cream helps correct dark circles slightly and brighten the undereye area, so it’s like an eye cream and corrector in one!
Estee Lauder DayWear SPF15 Normal/Oily Skin
Vichy Idealia Skin Sleep


Follow me on Snapchat at @queenantigona for stupid daily updates! I just set it up and I’m having tons of fun on it. Leave a comment below if you’d like to try something new for your skin and want help choosing or are in need of some skincare advice or cheap alternatives. There’s so much stuff from affordable brands that do almost as good a job as these high-end products!


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I’m sure after my slew of “Digital Diaries” posts earlier this year you’ve all realised what this series is about by now. Basically when I’m desperate to show everyone a place I’ve been to but don’t know when I’m going to get the actual 35mm photographs back, I make a quick post with snapshots taken with a not-so-good-but-half-decent compact camera I carry with me everywhere (for this explicit purpose).


We were blessed with a very bright and sunny day this Tuesday when leaving from Brighton for Newhaven. We had the opportunity to visit Newhaven Fort for a day of exploring and brainstorming, guided by the amazing staff (spearheaded by Ed, who knew every possible detail about the fort and the weaponry and people it once housed), academics, and the CEO of Wave Leisure. As students, we were simply meant to observe and listen, but I at least found myself captivated by the amazing beauty and potential of this location and ended up chiming in (loudly and fairly obnoxiously) in the later brainstorming session at the end of the day.


A bit of information about Newhaven Fort: it was commissioned in 1862 and construction began in 1864. It was built on grounds of fear of a possible French invasion… which never happened. It was, however, heavily armed and useful during WWI and WWII as its location on one of the southernmost parts of the English coastline was of great importance in case of a possible invasion via occupied France.

The most interesting part of Newhaven Fort to me, however, is its architecture. First, it was designed by at-the-time 22 year old Lieutenant John Charles Ardagh. I’m 24 and I’m already proud I can do graphic design! As a result of his youth compared to other military architects of his time, while the look of the fort is decidedly Victorian – arched doorways and brick walls, it’s actually far more modern in concept.

Behind the bricks, walls are made of concrete – saying that the use of concrete as a building material in 1864 would be consider avant-garde is downplaying how innovative this was. Not only that, but you cannot see the fort from the outside, as its entire structure is built into the hillside, behind completely hidden. This made it an amazing defensive structure as any troops invading from the seaside could never even expect there to be any sort of defence awaiting them! I found this absolutely ingenious. Again, 22 years old; I’m sticking with InDesign and Photoshop…

Before I leave you with the pictures, let me just point out: the tunnel system inside the fort is insane. There are tunnels leading to tunnels leading to tunnels. You can go from the beach to the highest point of the hill via underground staircases and the acoustics in this place are fantastic. The possibilities for a location like this are endless and all I could think of was closing it down for a “Zombie Survival” night.

Scroll down for all the pictures (mostly tunnels because we all know how much I like my corridors, doors, staircases and such by now) and some links to Newhaven Fort on social media and Wave Leisure, who are managing the fort.



YES BRICK WALLS AND WRECKAGE you can immediately tell why this place speaks to me so much and I hope to return with my breaking-in-but-not-illegally equipment at some point.



Thank you Josh The Sound Guy (TM) for holding a torch while I took this picture 100% in the dark. Thank you Ed for letting us even go this far down a supposedly closed-off tunnel.



So many beautifully narrow corridors with absolutely no wrong connotations in terms of shape.


A lot of enthusiastic running down the stairs, a lot of painful groaning upstairs.



Apparently missed the ghost.


FOUND: Pint-sized blue-eyed Italian girl. If you know the owners, contact me.

Newhaven Fort




Wave Leisure




PHOTOSHOOT | Urban Wildling

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Today Cate came over because she has been wanting me to try an Effy-Stonem-inspired makeup look on her. She says she’s been trying for a while but can’t get that half-smudged, slept-in eyeliner/eyeshadow look she wants. She was so happy with the results we decided to step outside and do an impromptu photoshoot which will be up on my Behance tonight.

Video on the makeup coming soon!

Click on each individual picture to see the full size version.

wildling banner



Caterina Petrucci 

MakeUp & Photo:

Ines Veiga Pena



GRWM – Everyday Go-To Makeup

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Hi everybody! I’m extremely late with this. My skincare one will come right after this (the only reason I’m doing this first is because I can’t find my thumbnail file from that video anywhere!).

I filmed my first “get ready with me” video the other day and thought I’d link all the products I use on a daily basis so you know where to get them. Again, the websites I use all ship internationally! If you want to see me apply all these, watch the video below and the product links will be right after. If any of these don’t ship to where you live, or you want to know if there’s a place where you could swatch them physically near you, or if you have any questions at all just drop me a comment down below!

And yes, before you ask, I have plucked my eyebrows since this video. Damn natural light.


  • MaxFactor FaceFinity Primer (Boots ships internationally)
  • Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion in Minor Sin – I didn’t link this because I usually get mine at Sephora when I go home but you can find Urban Decay at most department stores and their respective websites (such as Debenhams, Selfridges, etc) which all ship internationally.
  • Natural Collection Eyeshadow in Barley – The Boots website isn’t showing the Natural Collection section at the moment, but you can get it there; in any case it’s a very basic champagne-gold eyeshadow and there are millions of duplicates out there. It’s not by any means a particular colour, I just like this formula and for £1.99 it’s hard to beat. But, really, it’s very easy to find a similar if not identical colour and you probably already have one in a palette.
  • Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze & Glow – Charlotte Tilbury is one of my favourite makeup brands and they recently came out with a version of this for medium to dark skintones as well, which is amazing (especially when it comes to highlighters, most can look ashy and dull on darker skin). I often use the highlighter in this palette instead of Barley, as I explain in the video above, cutting down on makeup packing :)
  • It Style Crease Blending Brush – I just found out this was discontinued! Luckily I have two of them and if I take care of them well enough they will last me a lifetime but I am absolutely gutted. It Style is a drugstore-price Italian brand. Their makeup is so-so, but their brushes are absolutely amazing. They make my favourite natural hair contour/bronzer brush as well and I believe they ship internationally.
  • Maybelline Master Ink Matte – Why does no one talk about this eyeliner?! It is by far my favourite black eyeliner at the drugstore. I go into detail about it in the video but it’s very pigmented, very matte, liquid enough that you can draw a whole line seamlessly but not too runny that it kind of goes everywhere if you have the slightest hand tremor. It’s safe to work with, lasts ages, not a felt tip so doesn’t dry out. It’s also very quick to use and great for beginners who are transitioning from a felt-tip liner to a more pigmented, longlasting option. Very easy to control as well. Maybelline has a patent/lacquer finish one and a glitter one as well, but I love the understated finish of the matte. Also, it does NOT flake off halfway through the day!
  • Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder Foundation in 02 Fair – Can’t speak about this enough. It’s my favourite everyday light coverage foundation. It’s also what I used on Cat. It just makes your skin look beautiful, flawless and healthy, with the right amount of glow but not dewy so it would work on combination to oily skin as well as dry. It’s easy to work with, covers enough but not too much and just makes you look like you have nicer skin. It does not build up to more than a medium coverage because it is so healthy-looking.
  • Look Good Feel Better Multi-Tasking Brush – This is so cheap and, next to my Zoeva Flat Buffer and is Sigma equivalent, my favourite foundation brush. Highly recommend this to anyone on a budget, more than the Real Techniques ones. I find myself washing it every week because I use it so much.
  • Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer in Light Warm – Again, find it in any Sephora or department store! Would NOT recommend this to anyone with a lot of fine lines or a dry under-eye area as it is quite drying. I’ve found that the brand new Bourjois Radiance Reveal Concealer is a dead-on match in terms of finish and texture, so if you don’t want to shell out the cash get this one instead.
  • Eco Tools Eye Defining Brush – Again, love this, can’t believe it’s so cheap. Stiff and dense but with very soft bristles, perfect for concealer and eye primer and just going around the smaller nooks of your face. It’s £6 and again, I use it every single day.
  • NARS Light Reflecting Setting Powder – Pressed – Could I live without this? Probably not. The ONLY powder I have ever gone through completely and immediately bought a duplicate. I’m a makeup junkie who uses any excuse to try something new, so the fact that I repurchased this speaks millions. Sets your makeup and makes it last all day without making it look neither matte nor powdery. Instead, it reflects the light and helps give it a soft ‘glow’. Probably the only setting powder I could wholeheartedly recommend for dry or mature skin with full confidence that it would look good.
  • SpaceNK Powder Brush – Just as good, if not better, than the big fluffy MAC equivalent. I have had it for close to 3-4 years and it has yet to shed a single hair. Still soft and full like the day I bought it.
  • Bobbi Brown Powder Brush – Probably my favourite brush, ever. Of all time. You can get it directly off their website but if you’re in Lisbon, El Corte Ingles has a great counter and you can tell the girl there that Ines says hi ;) I don’t like it for full-face powder application but it has a wonderful small domed shape that makes it perfect for a soft bronzer application and light contouring like I did in this video.
  • Zoeva 105 Luxe Highlight Brush
    Zoeva 127 Luxe Sheer Cheek Brush – I can’t point people to the Zoeva website enthusiastically enough. Most of my brushes are Zoeva, from face to eyes and brows. If I ever need a brush replaced, my instant thought is their website, and they have amazing eyeshadows as well.
  • CHANEL Joues Contraste Blush in 280 Golden Sun – Unfortunately this was limited edition, but Bourjois has a great alternative and it’s made in the same factory/brand! Also NARS Lovejoy is very similar.
  • Hourglass Arch Brow Sculpting Pencil in Dark Brunette – I love this for fuller, darker brows like mine. Fine-tip eyebrow pencils can take ages to fill in sparse areas when you have black eyebrows that just pop out of porcelain skin like the devil gave them coffee. If you’re like me and you take ages to fill in the empty areas between two hairs that look like pieces of barbed wire, a slanted, wide-tip pencil like this one is perfect. I’ve gone through about three of these and the shade range is AMAZING. They have a perfect ashy tone for blondes.
  • L’Oreal Infallible Setting Spray – Better than the Urban Decay one. Just saying! Also Cat said it smelled like ‘the shine spray hairdressers use on your hair, the one that smells like butter’. So, there you go.
  • KIKO Extra Sculpt Volume Mascara – I’m floored by this. It’s so cheap and it’s so GOOD. It’s a better version of my second-to-holy-grail mascara, the Too Faced Better Than Sex… but cheaper. The wand is hourglass-shaped so it grabs all your lashes, from shortest to longest, and the formula is dry enough that you can keep building and building without clumping and it will keep increasing volume and length. They have a waterproof version as well if you feel you are prone to rubbing your eyes or just natural smudging during the day.
  • Revlon Super Lustrous Lipgloss in Supernatural – Moisturising, slightly pigmented nude with a faint but lovely sugary scent. I hate lipgloss, but this is VERY comfortable on the lips and since it just gives you that little bit of petal-pink glow without any sort of shimmer, it can camouflage any problems you might be having on your lips. It’s not too sticky, only enough for it to stay on and not fade right away. Your hair won’t stick to this the moment you walk out. The shade, however, is so incredibly flattering and I’ve been carrying this in my purse since I bought it.


Let me know if you have any questions and if you enjoyed this video at all! If you did I would appreciate suggestions on what you’d like to see next, beauty related or not. I find it really relaxing talking to the camera and the whole editing process is very therapeutic as well :) Do sound off in the comments!

Lots of love x

It Gets Better

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team photo

The Better Project Team at the St George’s Church

During my first weeks in Brighton, before I even had anyone to go out for coffee with, I met an amazing girl called Lu’Ami. She was wearing large, retro glasses and bright scarlet platform shoes that almost matched the strawberry-blonde-verging-on-Queen-Elizabeth shade of her long hair. She was bright, bubbly and creative and went on to tell me about her blossoming career as a singer. It was bound to be no coincidence, however, that we met at the Brighton Fashion Week Sustainable Catwalk Show.

Lu’Ami writes that her new EP, ‘Better’, “highlights the stages of growth and sends a positive message for those wishing for change and for people going through it”. She started writing it last year after “personal struggles forced me to re-evaluate my ways of dealing with difficulty. Challenging this helped me to see the issues far clearer, helping me to find ways of changing them and becoming happier.” I’m quite sure her statement resounds with many out there – including myself – who are not exactly going through the best of times, but I’ve found that something that makes me feel ‘better’ (pun intended) is usually helping others.

The singer, along with a slew of Brighton’s best and brightest young creatives – ‘fashion designers, garden designers, lighting designers, makeup artists, visual illustrators, dancers and musicians’ are only some of the few listed on their website – are dedicated to showing everyone that we can live sustainably, starting with clothes. They have launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund an immersive concert-cum-fashion show at the St. George’s Church here in our own seaside town. 

“I’ve always wanted to incorporate fashion into my music and over the last few years have been developing an interest in sustainable fashion. It feels really exciting that this EP launch will be able to connect with so many elements of creativity that I’m inspired by.” 

The event is non-profit and is also a recent example of a series of performances and creative enterprises recently being put forward by young designers and creators to highlight issues of sustainability in our decaying and unloved Earth and raising awareness to how we can all try to live, well, Better. All the artists involved in The Better Project, as it has been aptly named, are offering their services completely for free to backers of the project in the name of their cause. Also, each ticket bought is a donation and all donations go for the purpose of securing the location for the venue. So the money isn’t going into anyone’s pocket and you’re basically just paying for your entry into an awesome event.

There are a number of prizes available, such as a live private concert by Lu’Ami, a 3d garden illustration design, hollistic beauty products, a haircut, a custom made Kalula Jewellery necklace, a custom made song by Lu’Ami and a digital marketing and PR consultation. They keep adding more and more prizes by the minute, so keep checking their Kickstarter! I will be gong for the prize that includes the Bear Face Industries Ltd. kit for Face, Hair and Beard so I have a nice gift when I visit my boyfriend. 

These are a few of the designers who are going to be showcasing their sustainable fashion design work at The Better Project event:

Amy Ward

Amy Ward

Mimzy Design

Mimzy Design

Rhiannon Hunt

Rhiannon Hunt

Sophie Dunster

Sophie Dunster

 I know this may sound like a total advertisement post, but you know what? I’m not getting paid either. In fact, I’m donating! I don’t think there’s a better way to killing three birds with one stone than supporting this campaign – you get amazing prizes, you get to attend an awesome event and you’re helping both local artists and your planet! 

I will be there as the photographer for the event, helping out my friends and my Mother Earth as well, so come say hi!

Unfortunately the campaign ends on the 19th of March, which is their deadline for securing the venue, so donate now or share this post if you can’t make it to Brighton! All links to the designers involved and their work will be linked down below, but for more information on the prizes and the amazing group of people dedicating themselves to a “better” cause, click here for the campaign page.


Lu’Ami Music ( Website | Facebook )

The Better Project

Sophie Dunster 

Mimzy Design 

The Haunting

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My best friend and longtime spiritual sister Diana had the kindness of sending me over some photographs I took of her and her cousin Sara way back in the day in 2011.

Back then I didn’t have a good camera, I didn’t wear makeup and my knowledge of Photoshop was rudimentary, at best. It was so much fun looking through these and thinking how I would have done certain things so differently know – especially how bright these filters are (yuck). Nonetheless, in true spirit of #ThrowbackThursday, I’m posting these – it’s so emotional even looking at them after so long!

It’s fun, though, to look back on old things that you thought were amazing when you did them. I have very fond memories of this day and we’ve been talking of repeating the feat for years, but having moved out of my hometown I often don’t bring my camera with me to save weight and because I don’t really need it, usually.

Funnily enough, I really liked the theme of this – creepy ‘twin sister’ like girls in an abandoned factory. Wish I could do it again now in the same place but I’m quite sure they’ve sealed it off and it’s become rather unsafe and full of squatters.

Hopefully we’ll do this again someday. With better photoshop skills.

Scroll down for the early and rudimentary attempt at a no-budget photoshoot!






MAKEOVER | Easy Gold Eye & Glowy Skin

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Beauty / Videos

I finally – finally – managed to get this up! You guys have no idea the issues we had with this.

This is my first makeover of a series I’m hoping to do if I rope in enough friends/guinea pigs, featuring my good friend Caterina of Kateidoscope.com. She’s never been into makeup, so I thought I’d do an easy, everyday look on her and walk her through all the steps. Today she even asked me to accompany her to Boots and Superdrug to get some drugstore equivalents of all the products I used and I was thrilled she’d liked the look so much! (Click on the post title to continue reading – there’s a full product list with links to where you can purchase them and some drugstore alternatives) Read More

Calling All Beauties

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Articles / Beauty / Photography



While I’ve been away I’ve been silently mulling over an idea. I see so many collaboration requests on work forums and blogger Facebook groups, but it’s usually commercially inclined or based on a “like for like, follow for follow” basis. I want my follower count to go up organically, not because I liked someone’s holistic yoga page or gave their homemade soaps a shout-out on an Instagram picture!

One of my goals for 2016 was to create more content and also to network efficiently. And by efficiently I mean meeting people to collaborate with. I think it’s very important for any creative to keep an open mind and work with as many people as possible. Learning from others is one of the greatest gifts the Internet has given us (unless you’re a Trump advocate, then please close this tab) and having blogs and social network accounts is an amazing way to find people to create with. And that is exactly what I’m trying to do!

This is an official call to any model, makeup artist, stylist, photographer, writer, blogger. Read More

PREVIEW | Ewelina

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Fashion / Photography

I’m trying to work on as many portfolio shoots as possible so I have a larger body of work to hold on to when I finish my MA. Sadly, I don’t always have time to edit pictures right away and it’ll probably take me quite a long time to get to all of these.

So how to resist the urge of showing them around? Well, don’t. Edit them on your phone! I just downloaded my favourite shots onto my phone, popped some quick lighting, contrast and temperature adjustments on VSCOcam and then sent them back to myself. I really wanted to post something from this photoshoot with Ewelina (model) and Monika (make up artist) but I won’t have time to get around to edit them until probably end of next week.

We had a very relaxed shoot in a couple of hours in Ewelina’s apartment. I love these sorts of shoots because you get to have fun, get different shots into your portfolio and also help other young creative people like yourself get photographs for their own portfolio – in this case the person who contacted me was Monika, the MUA.

I will be posting the proper photographs as soon as I manage to edit them properly but for now here are my favourite shots quickly edited on an iPhone app!

I used a very affordable lighting kit (two softbox lights) which is what I also used for filming – click on the image to see the product page and specifications on Amazon.

If you don’t like that specific one, there’s also a ton of other options for lighting kits. I was just cheap and got two that would serve the purpose of continuous lighting (looking back now I should have gotten some dimmable ones or maybe something with a carry case, but you live and learn!). If you have any questions on how to get started with studio lighting, camera lenses or any other question really, drop me a comment below!