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The Breathing City

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Some more 35mm shots from Manila. Have another post coming soon of the church we visited and will get the last two rolls of film from Paris soon so I can¬†finally¬†start posting the pictures of that trip that aren’t portraits of Gabriele. Even though I’d kill to have more portraits of him. One thing that struck me about Manila once you left the “rich district” is how much green there is. It’s a complete contrast […]

Vietnam, Cambodia, and the Border between Life and Death

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Endless back-and-forth flights, crossing borders both territorial and spiritual, this was one of the trips I had wanted to do since I was a child. I could write pages and pages about these places and I still would not be able to do them justice. It is an experience at its purest level, to be transported from a world of western commodities into what, for us, seemed like a parallel universe, made of layers upon […]