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A Summer Feeling

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Photography / Travels

These were taken a little before Summer hit Italy at its full force, though the colours of this particular film (a Fuji Velvia 160 if I’m not mistaken) are so warm and cosy it really makes me think of late July afternoons. Though it’s obviously 2015, I’ve been commenting on how these photographs look “straight out of the ’70s” and, fair enough, the print shop’s scanner seems to agree with me. I love this roll […]

Summer of ’14 – Lisbon, 35mm

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Photography / Travels

Hello world, long time no see! I’ve been busy trying to find something to do with this horrid BA – Masters hiatus, so I ended up forgetting the little things that make me happy: long walks, architecture, photography and this blog. I just noticed I never posted the pictures I took when the man of my life came to spend a week in my hometown. We had a lot of fun and I made sure […]