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Out of Africa & Into Fashion

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When the semi-biographical film of Baroness Karen Blixen came out in late 1985, the world was overwhelmed with sentiment. The tragic love story of the Dutch baroness and Denys Finch Hatton planted a new ideal of romance in the minds of both men and women, who then began dreaming of faraway lands and strange encounters. Out of Africa is, to this day, considered a cinematic masterpiece, having won 7 Oscars in 1986 including one for […]

DK steals the NY

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No, this isn’t a fashion week article. Apparently, DKNY has done something very, very bad. According to a street photographer in New York City, he was approached by a representative of DKNY who offered him $15,000 to display his pictures in store windows around the world. The story, quoted from the original post, is as follows. “I am a street photographer in New York City. Several months ago, I was approached by a representative of DKNY who […]