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LUNETA Magazine – Issue One Online

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It’s finally here! The first issue of LUNETA Magazine, produced by me for my Bachelor’s Degree final thesis project, is now uploaded as an .epub and can be both viewable online and downloadable. Only a small number of printed copies were available once I finished this project, since cost of print was quite high, but I’m quite proud of it and really wanted to put it out there on the web for everyone to see. It […]

The Evil Fashion Industry

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I’ve written about this before, but every day people both online and offline continue to disappoint me in insisting that they are correct in their ignorance. There’s this misconception that “the evil fashion industry” is to blame for all the horrible things going on in the world related to women. It’s THE EVIL FASHION INDUSTRY!!!’s fault that women are considered weak and men considered strong; it’s THE EVIL FASHION INDUSTRY!!!’s fault that girls grow up […]