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Between Rome and Florence – BW 35mm // Personal Update

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It’s so close, you just can’t help going back. I know I’ve been neglecting this thing I call a blog – first because of my thesis, then Summer vacation and now being very busy with work and applying for a postgraduate degree – but I have a lot of 35mm stuff piled up in folders. I’ll be sure to post them within the next few days, including pictures in the Marche region of Italy, more […]

Firenze and the Field of Dreams

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Photography / Travels

When visiting a fairytale setting, your 35mm camera is your best friend. The instant perfection of digital imaging fails to capture the gritty, surreal beauty of the Ponte Vecchio, or the drug-like oneiric atmosphere of the Giardino di Boboli. Wherever you are, it’s three steps away from where you want to go, and exactly where you want to be. Firenze feels like a bubble, Alice’s landing place after falling down the rabbit hole, a preserved […]