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Hermès & Olivia Bee

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Art / Fashion / Inspiration

18-year-old photographer and blogger Olivia Bee has an amazing creative soul. Browsing through her work is like watching a fairytale happen right before your eyes. Her photos are something like old-time fables but with a modern, fresh and sometimes irreverent charm. Forest lights, tousled pink hair, babydoll dresses, balloons and an eerie, dreamy quality that both detaches you from reality and sends you right into an innocent girl’s mind. Olivia Bee has developed her own […]

Window Shopping in Paris

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Fashion / Inspiration / Photography

While most tourists go around photographing the Eiffel Tower, the buildings, the Arch and the Champs Elysées… I go around photographing interesting storefronts. I also took a few pictures inside the top floor of the original Maison Lanvin in Rue Faubourg. Let’s hope I don’t get arrested for those! Care to try and guess where each picture is from? I particularly liked the Issey Miyake boutique. It comes across as more of a museum concept […]