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Galliano Is Not Dead

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The rock star designer is taking another small step towards the end of his social marginalisation. First, it was Kate Moss’s wedding dress; now, the illustrious Parsons The New School for Design (most famous for being the workshop of Project Runway contestants) has announced that Galliano will be teaching a master class to aspiring designers.

Window Shopping in Paris

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While most tourists go around photographing the Eiffel Tower, the buildings, the Arch and the Champs Elysées… I go around photographing interesting storefronts. I also took a few pictures inside the top floor of the original Maison Lanvin in Rue Faubourg. Let’s hope I don’t get arrested for those! Care to try and guess where each picture is from? I particularly liked the Issey Miyake boutique. It comes across as more of a museum concept […]