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Sleek Makeup – Lipstick Collection & Lip Swatches

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The other day while I was cleaning out my drugstore lipstick collection I noticed I had dozens of lipsticks in the same colours: mauve/dusty pink, wine red/bordeaux, creamy peach and blue-based red. I started rummaging through my entire collection – drugstore, high-end, proper luxury and even liquid lipsticks and, to my horror, I had more than a hundred lipsticks fitting into each of those colours. And the worst part is that I had nothing but those colours! I […]

Give(away) Me Some Lip!

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I did mention some big changes were about to happen, and you’re looking at them. To start this exciting new phase of my blog (and my life), I have decided to start decluttering my enormous makeup collection. While going through my lipsticks I found quite a large amount that I had purchased and, shamefully, never used. These are all brand-spankin’ new! They’ve been swatched, sanitised and put away neatly never to be touched again. Worst of all, […]

Today’s beauty buys

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When I say I’ve been looking everywhere for Tom Ford lipstick for ages, I’m not joking. They first started showing up in magazines in December or January and every single Beauty Round-Up page I find with them on it I make a little cross. I’ve been looking for them both in Lisbon and Rome and they’re nowhere to be found where you’d usually look (i.e. Sephora and Beauty Point). Today I went into a small […]