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PHOTOSHOOT | Neon Sunset

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Beauty / Fashion / Photography

It’s that time of the year again when Caterina from asks me to take pictures of her for her blog, and I decide to do her makeup to match her clothing. I’m quite shocked at how well this look turned out considering it was completely unplanned – I just knew I wanted to use yellow. Everything else was decided as I went along with the brush.┬áMakeup look details, explanatory chart and products list coming […]


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Fashion / Photography

Hadn’t shot digital in such a long time! My new friend Caterina from Kateidoscope asked me to take some pictures of her for her blog (go and check it out, she’s one of those cool, serious, stylish bloggers). Here are some of my favourites. Brighton is a really nice set for this kind of photoshoot since there’s always an empty street with very pretty and cute houses, either very bright and fun or very neutral […]

Superficialities #1 – Autumn, Cardigans & Tea

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Things I make

Since I’m still plotting my (probably long and exhausting) post about my trip to Verona, I’m leaving you today with a little taste of everyday life. When I started out, I wanted this blog to be as professional as possible and to show my taste more than my personality; but, with blogging, personality is something that you can’t keep in. Little by little it starts trickling out, first through your choice of wording, then through […]