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Digital Diares – Paris Moments & Details

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Photography / Travels

Travelling isn’t just about getting on airplanes, buying souvenirs and taking pictures (ironically). Travelling is about breathing new air, experiencing great moments, and bringing back with you not keychains but memories. These pictures are artefacts of history, bookmarks of a thrilling page in your life, not postcards to show others the local monuments and landscapes. They’re images to remind you of things you smelled, smiles you received, laughter that escaped you, delicious things you ate, moments […]

Digital Diaries | Paris Cityscapes & Architecture

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Photography / Travels

For my second post in the Digital Diaries series, I have quite a few pictures of Paris, so I decided to split them into Cityscapes and close-up shots. I have posted a lot of 35mm film photographs of my September vacation in Paris with Gabriele on my Travels category which are far, far prettier but, as I said in yesterday’s post, the Digital Diaries posts will be mainly about quick, of-the-moment snapshots rather than beautiful images. […]

Paris #1 – Curiosities, Textures, Details

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Photography / Travels

Still waiting for the positive scans and the final film from Paris but decided to keep this regular posting thing up and, again, divide things into themes. Since I really want to make a post dedicated to the more landscape/architectural-type pictures I took whilst in Paris, I thought it would be a decent idea to post some miscellaneous pictures that stood out to me for different reasons – whether that be particular textures, lighting effects, […]

Gabri in Paris

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Photography / Travels

Another portrait series. Since I’m dividing my rolls of film from Paris – three are done, one has to be scanned and the other one still needs to be developed (no idea what’s in there) – I decided to go with themes. As you probably (don’t) know, I just moved from Rome to Brighton (UK) and I am already missing my darling Gabri (@grumpygabri on Instagram and @ggirolamini on Twitter, so click both links and […]

The Paris Odyssey (or How Everything Went Wrong And It Was All Very Funny)

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Articles / Travels

Since I have been told lately people thoroughly enjoy the more ‘personal’ posts I put up here, I thought I would tell you all a story. Mainly, a story that continues to cause amusement between me and Ana to this day, after a year has gone by. Our ~*~most wonderful day~*~ in Paris. (It gets really long but it’s worth reading, trust me. I don’t know why I haven’t had this published or at least […]

Miu Miu pops up in Paris!

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Fashion / Shopping

The prestigious Galéries Lafayette have a new addition to their array of luxury brands – but only for a little while. To celebrate the anniversary of the establishment of the Galéries, Miu Miu unveiled today a new pop-up store designed by architect Roberto Baciocchi. Located right at the entrance, the new temporary corner has its outside covered in diamond-textured glass and is decorated with bright portraits of the Resort 2013 collection. Inside, the sophisticated interior is […]

Helmut Newton at the Grand Palais

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Art / Photography

“Some people’s photography is an art. Mine is not. If they happen to be exhibited in a gallery or a museum, that’s fine. But that’s not why I do them. I’m a gun for hire.” I’ve been to Paris twice in the month of June and both times I went to see the Helmut Newton retrospective held at the Grand Palais. Supposedly ending on June 17th, the exhibition has been extended onto July 31st which gave me the chance to […]

Window Shopping in Paris

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Fashion / Inspiration / Photography

While most tourists go around photographing the Eiffel Tower, the buildings, the Arch and the Champs Elysées… I go around photographing interesting storefronts. I also took a few pictures inside the top floor of the original Maison Lanvin in Rue Faubourg. Let’s hope I don’t get arrested for those! Care to try and guess where each picture is from? I particularly liked the Issey Miyake boutique. It comes across as more of a museum concept […]