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Prada Menswear S/S 2013

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The tasteful choice of charismatic actors for their campaigns continues for Prada. Harvey Keitel, Dane DeHaan, Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Benicio del Toro are the models for this year’s Spring/Summer menswear collection. My jaw is on the floor. (pictures after the cut)

Dandy: Past, Present & Prada

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“These beings have no other status, but that of cultivating the idea of beauty in their own persons, of satisfying their passions, of feeling and thinking …. Contrary to what many thoughtless people seem to believe, dandyism is not even an excessive delight in clothes and material elegance. For the perfect dandy, these things are no more than the symbol of the aristocratic superiority of his mind.”  Charles Baudelaire’s clear wording describes a generation and […]