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One Day of English Summer

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If there’s one thing I’ve learned during my time in the UK is that if the sun peeks out of the clouds for one day, everyone will run out in shorts and flip-flops and sit at the beach having beer or sunbathe in parks. I decided to do something different take my 5D Mark III out for a city-spin. It’s mostly my work, filming and studio camera, so I’ve been using a half-decent Lumix for snapshots, but […]

Digital Diaries | Brighton in August

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Photography / Travels

I thought I’d start a new series for all the instant, not-very-well-thought-out snapshots that I take with my tiny little (and not very powerful) pocket camera. I have a little Lumix that I carry with me literally everywhere – even when I’m out shopping – because I am a firm believer in capturing moments. I know nowadays you can do everything with a smartphone, but it’s so much easier for me to organise everything into […]

A Summer Feeling

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Photography / Travels

These were taken a little before Summer hit Italy at its full force, though the colours of this particular film (a Fuji Velvia 160 if I’m not mistaken) are so warm and cosy it really makes me think of late July afternoons. Though it’s obviously 2015, I’ve been commenting on how these photographs look “straight out of the ’70s” and, fair enough, the print shop’s scanner seems to agree with me. I love this roll […]

Summer Exodus Playlist

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Articles / Inspiration

In less than a week I shall be leaving to spend a month back in my hometown, then a month travelling then another month home before finally returning to Rome in October. Most of my classmates have already left to wherever life called them, but since I still have tonight I leave you all with something I don’t usually write about but that is very important to me – music. Since I will be posting […]

Summer Blues or How To Pull Off Those Awesome Sorbet Colours

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Beauty / Fashion

I think we all now by now that this year’s big Summer trend is neon and candy colours. While most of my life I’ve been the kind of girl that flips through photos on magazines and thinks “Oh wow that’s gorgeous but I could never pull it off!”, a recently-acquired sense of self-confidence has led me to think otherwise. Just because you’re not 1,90m and too thin to be real doesn’t mean you can’t wear bright pink […]