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Haircare | The Right Cut + Favourite No Heat Styling Products

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Articles / Beauty

  I’m very picky with my hair. My boyfriend knows it and my mom can’t hear me cry¬†about how three strands fell off in the shower anymore. I’m downright¬†paranoid about having nice hair, mainly because I don’t want to have to bother with it. Sounds paradoxical, right? Well, not really. Now here is a set of pictures of my hair – bad cut vs good cut. Sorry for a lack of good digital photographs but […]

Paris #1 – Curiosities, Textures, Details

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Photography / Travels

Still waiting for the positive scans and the final film from Paris but decided to keep this regular posting thing up and, again, divide things into themes. Since I really want to make a post dedicated to the more landscape/architectural-type pictures I took whilst in Paris, I thought it would be a decent idea to post some miscellaneous pictures that stood out to me for different reasons – whether that be particular textures, lighting effects, […]