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I am still looking through the pictures of Verona. I’ve already selected around 70, but resizing them will take a while so I decided to make a separate post for the small town that I visited on my last day – Garda, on the shore of its namesake lake. It’s a peaceful, quiet village nestled between the mountains, where swans waddle around the shore of the lake and people hide from the rain under the […]


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A futuristic city rising from a sea of sand. Ridiculous amount of shots of the Burj Khalifa, but that thing is so ridiculously enormous you can’t miss it, wherever you are. Also, I really like stingrays/manta rays/everything-rays. Added a ‘Travels’ category to the blog!

The Heart of Travelling

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I’ve always believed thatĀ travelersĀ are inherently different from tourists. Tourists search for something clear and physical, something they can see or experience and keep it in their minds and hearts, something they can cross off a guidebook or have previously researched on Wikipedia. Travelers, I think, are searching for themselves, piece by piece, city by city, until they can fully define themselves, as Socrates once said, as “citizens of the world”. A traveler at heart isn’t […]

Convento dos Capuchos

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Today was my last free day in Lisbon before I return to my current home city, so I asked my father to visit a fairly unsought monument near the small, antique town of Sintra. It’s called the “Convento dos Capuchos” (Capuchos Convent) and has been nicknamed the “Convent of Cork“. It was abandoned in the 1800s when the monks were kicked out of their dwelling, and was only picked up by a private firm 12 […]

The Asia Trip Continues On

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I am writing to you all from The Datai, a lovely resort in Langkawi. I haven’t posted in a while because I’ve had no time to research interesting art or to buy magazines (this is causing me great pain as everyone else has probably seen the F/W Prada Menswear ads in print except for me) so I was planning on waiting until I arrive back in Lisbon in September… but I thought a little update […]