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CLOUDS – IED Roma Graduate Show

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It would be the understatement of the year to say that time really does fly. From January to June, six months felt like six weeks and February seems like yesterday. But this is it – my second year is over, Summer is upon us and I’m already being asked to think about my graduation thesis. If it had been anywhere else, time would have been painfully dragging me behind itself, but here it’s as if […]

From Rome to London, With Love

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Every year, fashion connoisseurs flock to the London Graduate Fashion Week in hopes of spotting the next John Galliano or Lee Alexander McQueen. While worldwide there is much spotlight being thrown on competitions to find the next great young designer, they’re only pocket flashlights with batteries that don’t last very long – you get a trophy, a big cheque, an internship and then no one ever hears from you again. The one and only place […]