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Vintage Finds

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An Yves Saint Laurent bag and Oliver Peoples sunglasses from before the brand first went bankrupt! The bag was 75€ and it is absolutely spotless, looks like it was only worn for two or three days. I’m not a big vintage-buying person; I adore vintage shops and I try to go to all of them and look at everything they have. Mainly because it’s so interesting, maybe because it’s beautiful. I don’t usually buy things but this time it […]

Today’s beauty buys

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Beauty / Shopping

When I say I’ve been looking everywhere for Tom Ford lipstick for ages, I’m not joking. They first started showing up in magazines in December or January and every single Beauty Round-Up page I find with them on it I make a little cross. I’ve been looking for them both in Lisbon and Rome and they’re nowhere to be found where you’d usually look (i.e. Sephora and Beauty Point). Today I went into a small […]